East Bay Father Support Classes Beginning Soon

January 15, 2016

The C.O.P.E. Family Support Center is offering classes supporting father involvement in central/eastern Contra Costa County – starting Jan 19th in Pittsburg, Jan. 23rd in Oakley, and Feb. 20th in Concord.  Fathers dealing with family court/child support issues will get someone to listen to them and perhaps be able to work out solutions with these agencies, a big improvement over “we’re just here to teach you how to be a better father” messaging of past ‘responsible’ fathering programs.

We encourage as many fathers to sign up for these classes as possible — the more dads in them means the more likely fathers will get a chance to be heard and not just seen in the eyes of Contra Costa County and beyond.

C.O.P.E. is offering $50 bonus payments to fathers who attend all 16 classes as an incentive.

For further information and to enroll, contact 925-689-5811 or info@copefamilysupport.org.
COPE Father Support Classes 2016


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  1. Jeremy on May 7, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    My ex-wife filed for divorce in Calaveras County CA, where all 3 of the Judges are friends with my ex-in-laws. In addition, my ex-wife’s attorney’s father and grandfather were both Superior Court Judges here in Calaveras County. California Rules of Court are not followed here, Judicial Ethics are not followed, Rules of Professional Conduct are not followed, Attorney Ethics are not followed. My ex-wife and her attorney filed fraudulent Income and Expense Declarations, fraudulent Acknowledgement of Receipts forging my signature, Incomplete Disclosures without tax returns or pay stubs, fraudulent medical bills, fraudulent bank statements with my name simply whited out.. every exhibit my ex-wife filed with the court has been created by her attorney (a family friend). I have every piece of factual evidence imaginable. The Calaveras Court order my ex-wife all property, all assets, all community funds and gave me all attorney fees and all debt’s. I went from having 3 homes, 2 boats, 5 cars and a career to living in a tent, without a vehicle, fired from my job (President of the company was also a close friend of my ex-in-laws) and was slapped with a COMPLETELY FALSE Restraining Order. The restraining order is because my ex-wife is aware that I have all documents from her tax fraud, mortgage fraud, forgeries on the Residential Listings of our homes, etc. What’s more disturbing is that I found pictures of my ex-wife and ex-in-laws giving our four year old daughter alcoholic drinks. I also discovered that my ex-wife (a teacher/administrator) has hid complaints from a 7th grade girl student who was inappropriately touched by my ex-wife’s mentor and Jr. High School Principal. When I presented the evidence to the Calaveras Superior Court Judge, he said it was not his concern. My ex-wife’s attorney who follows no laws, because of his father and grandfather both being judges in Calaveras he has impersonated my identity with creditors, has threatened me with incarceration for false charges, has not served me with any court forms he files with the court, lies on every declaration he writes for my ex-wife and most importantly has successfully taken my children away from me without allowing me any contact with them. Above and beyond everything else my ex-wife’s attorney has done, is when telling me at our first court hearing that he would make sure I never saw my children again… and he has done just that. I have zero contact with two most important aspects of my life…my children.

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